Serving Our Cycling Community


Each September since 2009, the Corvallis Bicycle Collective has helped get bicycles out of the garage and into new hands through our annual Bike Swap. This event has grown into our largest fundraiser of the year. We provide sellers an opportunity to turn underused bicycles into cash through consignment sales while getting buyers the thrill of a new ride.


In its 7th year, Corvallis Spring Roll is our community's first and only bike and trike event just for kids. The Cycle Fair is free and open to the public, but the Road Ride requires paid registration. In 2017, Corvallis Bicycle Collective and Corvallis Spring Roll merged organizations to get even more people on bikes. CBC will continue to help children fix up their and pump up their tires before and after the big ride. We'll also conduct a free children’s bike swap where kids can swap their working bicycle for one that fits them better.


At the Corvallis Saturday Farmers’ Market “Ask-a-Wrench” volunteers service bicycles and dispensed bicycle wisdom while promoting our organization.


May is Bike Month, and during Bike Month we partner with the City of Corvallis and its “Get There Corvallis” events. This includes bicycle repair workshop and demonstrations at the public library and a morning providing a breakfast snacks to cycling commuters rolling through the Corvallis Skate Park on their way to work.


This is our way of getting bikes into the hands of people whose need for two-wheeled transportation is urgent while their means are limited. We deliver "Empowerment Bucks” to local nonprofits, including Community Outreach and Jackson Street Youth Shelter. These service organizations can provide these vouchers to the individuals they serve, enabling them to purchase bicycles or parts to keep their bicycles running. Thank you to Corvallis Kiwanis Foundation and Many Hands Trading for supporting this effort!


Since 2012, every summer the Corvallis Bicycle Collective partners with Corvallis Parks and Recreation to inspire the next generation of bicycle mechanics to learn the joys of fixing up bicycles. For six weeks in the summer, young volunteers absorb as much bicycle knowledge as we can dispense. In return, they turn out as many fixed bikes, patched flats, and repairs as they can manage. Everyone benefits.


Pedalpalooza (formerly the Coalition’s Car Free Celebration) is an annual event put on by the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition showcasing motor-free transportation. The event’s focus is always shifting, but we are always glad to celebrate, contribute, and to help participants fixing up their bicycles.

On World Car Free Day (September 22), we help the City of Corvallis and Corvallis Sustainability Coalition celebrate bicycle and pedestrian commuters by staffing a bicycle breakfast at the Corvallis Skate Park.


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